We start by acknowledging and embedding our client's mission into their brand narrative. Each creative and deliverable we generate has a meaningful, strategic guideline.

Our work extends far beyond enhancing brand narratives. We harness the power of cutting-edge technology to inspire, create novel products, refine business frameworks and elevate customer experiences.



We develop strategic and emotionally resonant content for different mediums and formats. We engage audiences with your objectives and convictions through compelling storytelling.

We design seamless and engaging customer journeys by crafting comprehensive, friendly and intuitive experiences accross different touchpoints. Our art is crafting an immersive world for your brand.

We inspire our creative process by delving into insightful information that sets you apart. Our strategies are tailored to your specific goals and expertly attuned to advance your target groups in your customer’s journey.

We bring ideas to life by using different technologies. We implement cutting-edge solutions that are tailored to your brand's needs. Our approach allows us to leverage a vast array of software, platforms, and coding languages.

We generate visually stunning, pixel-perfect projects that represent the identity, uniqueness and relevance of each organisation. Offering a consistent, eye-catching and aestetically pleasing experience.


Web 2 & 3
Web 2 & 3

We incorporate motion graphic design to enrich your brand story, creating visually captivating and engaging content. We have animated explainer videos that simplify complex services, animated characters or motion graphic animations for different mediums.

We design tailor-made games that engage and educate your target audience, effectively connecting them with your brand. We have developed branded mobile app games, web based html games, and event gaming experiences using Unity.

We help establish long-term, recognisable brand foundations, including logos, key messages, brand manifestos, and visual styles, ensuring consistency and that your purpose and essence is captured across all touchpoints.

We produce various audiovisual pieces to create compelling brand stories. We have created promotional videos highlighting the features and benefits of produts and services, web series with multiple episodes or documentary-style videos showcasing a brand's impact.

We create seamless web experiences with powerful storytelling, encouraging users to delve into your brand’s world. Moreover, we push the boundaries of descentralised technologies to create cutting-edge brand solutions.

We generate comprehensive creative concepts for specific campaigns, adapting them to different formats and mediums, driving brand awareness and conversions. We have created campaign concepts with video, print, social media and dynamic ads applications.

We teleport audiences into virtual realms, where they can explore and interact with richly detailed virtual environments. We have overlay virtual objects in the real world by creating Branded AR filters or interactive VR experiences at events.

We conceptualise, implement and improve mobile apps by using Google Flutter, delivering cross-platform consistent solutions for ISO and Android. We transform complex product features into user-friendly experiences.

Our expertise in designing and improving online platforms can boost your sales and enhance the overall user experience. We have designed user-friendly, visually appealing and optimised e-commerce websites that showcase products and make the purchasing process seamless.

We develop custom-branded digital assets in formats such as art, music and videos, leveraging the growing popularity of non-fungible tokens to enhance your brand presence. We have created branded-digital artwork, animated videos and music tracks released as NFTs.


Our unique approach combines the expertise of purpose-driven strategists in the UK with experienced creatives in Latin America, resulting in high-end and cost-efficient solutions. It is a model that enables us to improve the earnings of creatives in the region and reduce costs for our clients.

Client services in the UK

Our dynamic, inspiring, and purpose-driven team based in London serves as the vital link between our clients and the creative team.

Committed to ensuring that projects align with your objectives, they strive to showcase the unique qualities that set your brand apart.

Creative Team in Argentina

Nestled in Buenos Aires, the epicenter of our creative prowess, our leadership team oversees five diverse creative divisions.

Drawing from a wealth of experience, innovation, and multidisciplinary talent, this group is dedicated to conceptualising, guiding, and meticulously overseeing the entire production process.

LATAM Talent Network

To address a broad spectrum of creative challenges, we extend beyond the boundaries of our in-house capabilities by collaborating with a diverse network of Latin American creatives.

Our collaborative efforts have brought together talents from Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Costa Rica, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay, and Venezuela.

Customer services in the UK

Account services based in the UK with a diverse, inspiring and strategic marketing background.

Network of Latin American talents

We select and manage talent from a region in which creative industries grow two times faster than the world's average.

Centralised Creative Team

An innovative and multidisciplinary team based in Buenos Aires that collaborates with creatives from Latin America to deliver high-end and consistent brand solutions.


Global Brands

We have collaborated with the world's most renowned corporations. We craft dynamic and holistic creative strategies or tailor-made brand solutions. 

Our impact spans a wide spectrum of industries, including:

  • Commerce and FMCG
  • Media and Publishing
  • Education
  • Entertainment and Leisure
  • Health and Wellness

Other Agencies

We are firm believers in the art of collaboration. Our unique creative versatility catalyses powerful synergies with fellow agencies, amplifying the value they bring to their clients.

Whether it's encouraging fresh perspectives or seamlessly complementing ongoing strategies, we adapt to meet the diverse needs of other agencies.


Unlocking the creative powerhouse that drives global brands is no longer a distant dream for startups.

With our CSR initiative, we extend a helping hand to emerging entrepreneurs. Dive into the transformative journey of growth and innovation we've embarked upon, and learn how you can level up your startup's potential.

Find out more here.

What is Our PURPOSE?


Adressing Economic Inequalities

Around 10% of the world's population owns 77% of the world's wealth, meanwhile, 50% of the population owns less than 2%. This grand challenge was recognised by the UN.


Fostering Opportunities in Latin America
Empowering Startups

We collaborate with some of the most talented creatives in Latin America, a region in which inequality is even wider than the world's average. Our conviction is to create working opportunities that enhance livelihoods and working conditions in Latin America. 

We've established Level Up, an initiative aimed at making the creative power behind global brands accessible to early-stage companies. For startups, we deliver high-end brand solutions for a significantly lower price. If you want to know more about this initiative, please visit Level Up.

We're part of something bIGGER

Creamos operates as the creative agency within the ecosystem of Good Unicorn, a venture studio committed to fostering technology with a positive impact.

Our team donates it's expertise during periods of reduced client activity to support the advancement of tech-for-good startups within the studio's portfolio.

We assume a pivotal role in enhancing their brand and product creative and subsequently take the lead in shaping their user experience, design, and marketing collateral. Our objective is to guide these startups to the crucial stages of early-stage investment.➕

what are OUR VALUES?

Creative Versatility

The production talent of our work is external to the business. In that way, we can express the best ideas possible for the client instead of the best ideas we can supply with an exclusively internal team.


Every member of our internal team is both a generalist and a specialist. This means everyone contributes to the overall vision while focusing on a specific discipline to create comprehensive brand narratives.

High End-Value

Through an experienced centralised team and a diverse creative network, we involve the people that can generate a surprise and delight effect. Our model enables us to deliver tailor-made, high quality and cost-effective solutions.


It is a word in Nahuatl that was later adapted to Spanish. It means “embrace or caress with the soul”. Our agency resonates with the values of caring and passion that make Latin America a unique region.


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