About Us



Creamos means ‘We Create‘ in Spanish.

We’re a Creative Agency based in London , Málaga and Buenos Aires.

We work for consumer brand owners, other agencies and tech start-ups across Europe & America

We  create and produce innovative content that is emotive, engaging and meaningful to the end user.

We operate a modern & global business model that maximises efficiency, quality and value.

We source and manage high-end freelance talent from across Latin America.

We have strong views on equality, diversity and ethics that enhances our creativity and guides our business practise.


What Makes us unique?


Unlike many modern digital agencies, we lead with our human creativity and not data insight. We still use this important information to validate and iterate but we have the belief that true creative innovation is better conceived by a creative professional with the full freedom of expression than from any target audience. The most delightful innovations are ones that the audience didn’t see coming.

small but global

We are a small dynamic and efficient business with a start-up vibe. At the same time, we are worldly and realise the benefits in differing client and supply-side markets. We have spent time perfecting what we believe to be the world’s most effective quality-focused supply-chain for a creative agency; with creative based in multi-cultural London and production managed in Argentina with freelance talent-based throughout Latin America.


After we decided to use Latin America for the base of our freelance talent, we then decided to maximise the value from their reduced rates by only ever using senior candidates with 10 years experience or more. The result is high-end talent at the highest rate variation. We are also responsible in our resourcing; paying talent more than they would receive on average in their local territories whilst also reducing client project costs.


When building our custom creative or production teams, the client can choose if they are remote or centrally located. Remote talent works individually from their own location so allows us access to a much larger pool of people. Remote projects are also discounted as a result of the overhead saving. Centralised teams work together from our flexible office space in Buenos Aires and are more suited for larger, more complex projects.

TALENT Management

We have had over 15 years of experience in the search, selection and continuous management of talent in particular in getting the most out of remote working freelancers whilst mitigating the associated risks. After finding talent we continually assess them based on quality, time-keeping, communication and value. We also protect our and your interests with comprehensive SLA & IP contracts localised to the contractors’ legal jurisdiction.

Ethics at our core

We believe that the best creative can only come from a diverse team that compliment each-other’s intellectual and cultural blind spots. We take affirmative action in our recruitment to make sure all audiences are creatively represented. We are a responsible UK resident company and pay all company-related taxes in our jurisdiction. We also donate 5% of all our profits to charitable educational projects across the poorest areas of Latin America.



The majority of our clients are medium to large-sized consumer brand owners. We have specific knowledge in working with clients in the FMCG, Technology, Youth & Entertainment sectors. We usually work with brand owners in a full-serviced capacity providing client, creative and production services. We offer both project-by-project and discounted retained relationships.


We support other agencies by either transparently working full-service alongside non-digital agencies or more commonly, by offering pure digital production services for specialist/high-end projects or to support internal team capacity. On pure production projects, we minimise management resource to a sole producer and treat the relationship with strict confidentiality.


We offer a discounted retained relationship for early-stage tech start-ups that helps them with getting to the next round of funding. This will typically include positioning one of the Creamos senior consultants within your advisory panel to support with business strategy & planning, branding & storytelling, deck/presentation creation, UX & product design and product/dev team building.


We have worked for some of the world’s highest-profile brands on a variety of different types of project. Some of these brands include:


How we work greatly depends on the scale and type of project. Projects that are visual only or that are campaign-based are normally managed in a waterfall methodology whilst projects that require a lot of development or long-term iterations are managed in an agile methodology with weekly sprints. We can work with bigger organisations using Prince2 but prefer to use an adapted, simpler version that is more suitable for creative output.

We will always suggest a client uses the simplest possible project management methodology for their project.

Whilst the methodology of each individual project is different, we usually follow a similar process that is as follows:



The client services team in the client’s local territory receives the brief/RFP, meets the client to talk it through and responds with a proposal featuring an initial strategic approach to the brief, a fixed cost for the next ‘Creative’ stage and an estimate for the remaining stages.



The client services team starts the process with further research, strategy and planning. They brief the creative team to conceive multiple ideas for the client’s choice. For each idea there are fixed costs for the ‘Design’ stage and more accurate estimates for ‘Production’.

Concept Deck



The creative and production teams produce a document detailing how production will look and function. This could include experience flows, wireframes, designs and a logical approach to the build. In larger projects, this may also include an MVP.

Production Specification


The production team takes over and builds the final product. The alpha is reviewed internally whilst the beta is sent to the client for review and final testing before launch. Any promotion or seeding is carried out before a final debrief with the client services team.

BETA Product
Product Launch


Latin America 

Although more expensive than other outsourcing markets including India, China, Russia and Eastern Europe, we chose to manage our production from Buenos Aires in Argentina and to source and use talent from across all of Latin America. 

The major reason for this choice is the excellence in innovation and creativity which we have found to be unmatched elsewhere because of the cultural similarities to Europe and the West.

Whilst the entire region is highly competent in back-end development, Argentina is one of the leading nations in front-end development and other than the US, Brazil has more award-winning creatives than any other country.

We also benefit from an entire continent of talent that speaks just 2 native languages; Spanish and Portuguese, which our Producers fluently speak as well as English.