Animated 3D illustration of unicorn being prepared for a ceremony. The unicorn is surrounded by dancing magic beings called skiggles

Good Unicorn is an ongoing Corporate Social Responsibility initiative of Creamos that helps impact startups working on solutions to any of the UN's seventeen Sustainable Development Goals.

We offer the same high-level creative and production talent used by our established brand clients to help rapidly grow a startup's brand awareness, perception and value.

Good Unicorn Projects

Animated 3D illustration of a unicorn dancing in the middle of a ritual ceremony. The unicorn is surrounded by magical beings called skiggles that host th ceremony

Are you an impact startup focused on one of the UN's SDGs? Are you going through a post-funded rapid phase of growth? We can help you realise your potential through creativity, innovation, intelligent design and high-end production.

All impact startups accepted as Good Unicorn clients will be eligible for a discount on our standard rates determined by the size and stage of the last funding round. 


Animated 3D illustration of 4 incubator tubes where small unicorns are being raised

We invest in and incubate pre-funded impact startups, taking them from concept to pre-seed investment readiness using all our skills to create a brand that exudes the founder's passion across all the crucial touch points needed for a first raise.

Concept development, brand and component style guide, annotated wireframes and product MDP (minimum delightful product), explainer video, website, 1-pager and a deck.


Animated 3D illustration of working skiggles building ebods in an assembly line

ebods is an ethically designed NFT collection we have created to sustainably finance the Good Unicorn Incubator. As an impact project in its own right, the ebods utility will encourage discovery, play, parody and social commentary for a new generation.

ebods is a not-for-profit social enterprise. We reinvest 60% of revenue into the ebods utility roadmap; we gift 30% to the Good Unicorn incubator companies and donate 10% to regenerative environmental projects and carbon capture.