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After an initial research phase, the founders of itoms identified critical pain-points within the fashion industry, particularly the low relevancy of recommendations, the lack of meaningful personalisation in online clothing purchases and the increasing dominance of corporate influence over community-driven fashion.

In response to these challenges, our collaboration with the itoms team led to the creation of a groundbreaking solution—an AI personal wardrobe builder seamlessly integrated with e-commerce platforms.

This innovative solution was born to leverage customer data and inventory insights; to identify wardrobe gaps, empowering users to visualise clothing combinations. At the same time, Itoms encourages users to connect with like-minded individuals by sharing their looks, and positions communities at the heart of emerging fashion trends, transforming fashion's landscape.

Our collaborative efforts involved defining key aspects of the business model, designing a user-centric experience, shaping the brand narrative, establishing visual identity guidelines, and producing essential assets for both investors and customers.

Our journey commenced with benchmarking desk research (analysing interfaces of relevant apps) and with a quick prototyping session, creating the first sketches and envisioning a platform designed to address the identified industry challenges.

A detailed roadmap was developed to guide the key stages of product development.

We meticulously crafted flowcharts to map out the customer journey, and high-resolution wireframes to create the user interface. The process assured making use of interface components and patterns of interaction that are familiar to people, assure a comfortable experience and complying with high-usability standards at the same time.

Several graphics and wireflows were also particularly designed for specific presentations to ensure that itoms' unique value proposition was effectively communicated and delivered.

As the business model and product took shape, we translated our insights into itoms' comprehensive brand guidelines. These guidelines encompassed crucial elements such as itoms' massive transformative purpose, brand manifesto, logo, font selection, and colour palette.

The visual identity was seamlessly integrated into the previously designed wireframes, forming a cohesive representation of itoms' vision. These wireframes played a pivotal role in shaping itoms' investor pitch-deck, a collaborative effort between the Creamos team and itoms, showcasing not only the visual appeal but also the compelling content that defines itoms' essence.

Branding design

App design: flowcharts and wireframes

App design: mock-ups

Browser extension design

Pitch deck