Our Services

Consultancy, Creative & Production


Our client service offices are in London & Málaga but we service clients throughout America & Europe.

Services include:

Account Management
Project Management
Strategy & Planning

Innovation Consultancy


Our creative studio is based in London.

Services include:

Branding & Story Telling
UX & Product Design
Campaign Creative
Experience Design


Our production studio is in Buenos Aires assisted with talent from Latin America.

Services include:

Design & Illustration
Animation & Motion Graphics
Web Sites & Mobile Apps
Game Design & Development
Augmented & Virtual Reality

Client Services

Our Client Service offices are based in London, England and Málaga, Spain but we service clients throughout America & Europe.

Unlike many creative agencies, we are obsessive about the briefing and discovery stages of a project. We believe creativity as a solution can only exist based on a relevant deep knowledge of the problem. The more we understand, the better the chances of success. It is, without doubt, the most important part of the project process to us.

Any successful creative solution is fully dependent on the understanding and direction set from the very start.

Compared to similar agencies, we invest a higher ratio of a projects total budget and time into these early stages. We only start to consider an initial direction after we have thoroughly researched and understood a client’s business, product, competition, market and audience. We re-write our interpretation of the brief, document our research and send this back to the client for validation before considering a response.

We also place a high level of importance in the debriefing stages of a project. We constantly strive to be the world’s best creative agency and can only do so by recognising we are a human-led business that will sometimes make mistakes. We try to constantly better ourselves by holding upfront and transparent client and internal debriefs.

Account Management

Our Account Managers are territory local and have entrepreneurial backgrounds in creative and/or tech. They act as a single point-of-contact for clients, making communication as simple as it could possibly be.

Strategy & Planning

Our Strategists provide creative business intelligence. Analysing a client offering, market and audience in order to set a clear direction and plan of action. We work on exclusive strategic projects as well as strategy pieces that lead creative.

Project Management

Our PMs are experienced in working with waterfall, agile and Prince2 methodologies. Each PM is supported by two Producers; one visual and one technical. PMs control time & budgets, Producers control quality.

Innovation Consultancy

Our Innovation Consultants are futurists that are experienced in business, CX (customer experience) and technology. We help clients to be more efficient, impactful and unique by re-inventing their business models, operations and/or marketing channels.


Our Creative studio is based in London, England.

We believe our creativity is what sets us apart. We’re more than just stereotypical East London hipsters conceiving creative whilst playing table football and drinking flat-whites. We’re intelligent creatives. We take an academic interest in what makes us creative and promote processes and best practice that enhances our innovative thinking.

Whilst we endeavour to answer our clients’ objectives and align with any set strategy, we also adhere to our own creative values. We aim to conceive ideas that provoke a positive emotional response, engage the user in a 2-way conversation and have a deep, meaningful alignment to the brand.

All of our concepts are validated with our core creative values; emotive, engaging and meaningful.

We also believe the best creatives are specialist creatives and that means they should be jack-of-all-trades and masters of none. All of our creatives have a good overall understanding of business, marketing, design and tech. If we need experts then we bring them in as advisors but they are never involved in our idea generation sessions.

All of our Creatives are centrally located in our London office and if we need external experts then they are also expected to work from the same location. In our experience, remote creativity just doesn’t work.

Our creatives are purposefully recruited from diverse backgrounds. Although we find that a good idea is often conceived when a creative empathises with an audience, it almost always takes someone with a completely different world view to challenge the status quo and truly innovate. 


Branding & Story Telling

We create or update brands, set the values that define them and then tell stories that your target audience can identify with. From the initial naming and identity through to the tone-of-voice and intellectual property (IP) protection, we can conceive and document how all of your consumer touchpoints should look, feel and behave.

Campaign Creative

We create campaign messaging that resonates with your target audience and adds value to your overall brand. We complement primary campaigns with secondary more segmented or personalised campaigns that can increase awareness, sales, advocacy and value. We design our campaigns with reporting in mind, evaluating both the change in consumer perception & behaviour.

UX & Product design

We create ideas and designs for products that are intended to delight your audience. From crafting user-profiles and defining requirements through to user testing and refining. We can demonstrate a successful MVP using information architecture, wireframing and interaction design without even stepping into the visual design phase.

Experience Design (CX)

We create and enhance brand experiences that go beyond the normal interaction with the product or service. We start from the initial awareness all the way to the end of the consumer’s lifetime. We help brands to identify, understand, redesign and better integrate these touchpoints to offer a more consistent experience that re-enforces positive brand values.


Our production studio is in Buenos Aires, Argentina assisted with talent from across all of Latin America.

We custom build a production team for each project, starting with the selection of the most appropriate Producer to act as the production lead. Our Producers are full-time and office-based with a background in either design or development. It is common to have two producers working on a project that requires both computer art & science skills.

Our visual production talent is sourced from our Approved Freelance List with talented freelancers from all over South America. The huge number of talent across such a large area allows us to be highly selective in our choice of some of the world’s leading high-end talent. The diversity of visual talent in our Approved Freelance List also gives us the option to select the right style for your project. Unlike many agencies using internal talent, no two Creamos projects look the same.

We match the perfect visual style to your project.

Our developers include both internal and freelance talent. Our internal talent has skills in our most commonly used technologies such as Html, CSS and JavaScript, whilst our freelance talent covers specialist skill sets and unique technologies. Using freelancers for development allows us to efficiently scale, to work with specific client technologies and frameworks and allows us access to unique/new tech skills, for example, IoT (internet of things).

Our independence from any specific technology allows us to be creatively free in the range of possible solutions.

When production talent is remote working we pass on the overhead savings to our clients as a discount. For larger or more business-critical projects, we can mobilise a team to work centrally from our office space.


Design & Illustration

We create static visuals in a range of different styles including digital art, logo and identity design, editorial design, infographics, iconography, typography and character design.

Experiential Web Site Design

We create responsive experiential destinations using custom teams of designers, animators and developers. The result is highly interactive, rich media experiences that delight your audience.

Digital Advertising

We create interactive and linear digital ads for use across websites, mobile, social media, communication and digital out-of-home (DOOH) using IAB’s new ad standards.

Animation & Moving Image

We create animations and moving image pieces both independently and as part of larger digital projects. Products include storyboarding, film, motion idents, explainer videos and visual effects.


We create mobile and web apps in Javascript using React & React Native with the MERN stack. It allows us to use one main code-base, publish to multiple devices as well as use all native device features.

Web & App Game Design

We create immersive and enjoyable games for the purposes of pure fun or education. Our HTML5 web games use Phaser 3 and Javascript whilst our app games our built on the Unity platform.

oh! and dont forget we also offer...

TRANS-CREATION & Localisation

More than half of all the projects we complete are intended for launch in two or more languages with the most common language set being EFIGS.

We have a network of native freelance transcreatives across Europe and America that we use to validate and customise our creative concepts to each culture. This ensures that we create cross-territory creative with the same meaning, emotional response and engagement as was originally intended.

Our freelance editorial translators are solely focussed on semantic content translation and will have native technical understanding in the market sector or industry that they are translating for.